Member Of Gda/ Wg Cc (Gesamtverband Der Aluminiumindustrie E.V. / Working Group Of Continuous Casting)

Formed under the German Aluminum Federation, the working group conducts, shares developments and information on efforts regarding the development of continuous casting technology; as an umbrella institution for companies active in this field.

Academic Cooperations I.T.U. - I.U. – University Of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation / Aluteam - Hochschule Schmalkalden University Of Applied Sciences Fakultät Maschinenbau University

We have joined forces with these universities to develop a pipeline of projects under the support by EU, and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK).

Member Of Union Of Turkish Architects’ And Engineer’s Chamber (Tmmob) Member Of Chamber Of Mechanical Engineers (Mmo / Uctea) Member & 2016 Council Of Chamber Of Metallurgical And Materials Engineers (Immc) 18. International Metallurgy And Materials Congress

We contribute to industrial development by sharing or know-how and experiences through professional organizations; and actively contribute for the success of the Congress organization.

Member Of Turkish Aluminum Industrialists’ Society (Talsad)

As Turkey’s first aluminum coil and sheet producer, our membership in TALSAD is essential for sharing recent developments in our industry; and for a stronger outreach in our domestic and international markets.

Member Of Aluminum Entrepreneurs’ Society Of Turkey (Galsiad)

GALSIAD is the convergence point of aluminum industry entrepreneurs in Turkey; and our membership helps us to share information, practice, technology and outreach.

Supporting Member Of German Stokists Association (Wgm)

Our partnership in this organization is essential for our outreach to industry players in Germany, one of our leading export markets. Our relations are also valuable to help us in our efforts to keep track with the latest technological agenda.