We, TEKNİK ALÜMİNYUM which serves as an aluminum sheet producer since 1960, together with all of our employees hereby undertake;

For providing the best service quality to the customer we continuously improve ourselves and in order to solve the complaints of the customers we make extra effort. In the customer complaints evaluation and response process;

We provide opportunity to our customers about delivering and following the status of their complaints with different ways of communication.
 We implement compensation methods to ensure the customer satisfaction, evaluate their feedback and find solutions.
We stand behind of our goods and services which are produced or provided by us.
Our aim is to solve the customer complaints at the soonest possible time.
 Not to lose the confidence of our customers to us, we try to understand our customer’s expectation better, satisfy their needs and protect their rights while offering solutions.
In parallel with our approach we are aware that we have responsibilities to our customers for each complaint.

In the scope of this policy we finalize our customer’s complaints by providing the product return, invoicing, scrapping the product etc. solutions.