Our Human Assets Management Policy

Teknik Alüminyum Excellence Model (TAM) represents a human and excellence based culture with four pillars;

               TAM for Performance

               TAM for Competitiveness

               TAM for Reliability

               TAM for Sustainability.

We consider our human capital as our most valued asset, and the engine that drives everything that we do. To keep the drive in high dynamism, our Human Asset Management Policy is based on;

Reaching out to find and acquire new talents with the TAM spirit; and to enhance Teknik Alüminyum family with their participation,

Continuously measuring, evaluating and improving every member of our corporate family, in line with our strategies and excellence objectives,

Becoming, sustaining and improving together as a team of diverse talents, united around our core values and TAM objective with ties of affection, respect and solidarity, who share the passion to create values for all our stakeholders and the desire to excel through broad-based leadership, inclusive creativity, continuous measurement and improvement,

Letting feel that every single employee is a highly valued, inseparable part of our team.

Our Core Values

  • Reliability

    Teknik Alüminyum is highly esteemed as an industrial entity, which upholds honesty in all relations with employees, customers, competitors, regulating and governing bodies and the society. Teknk Alüminyum promises only what it can deliver; and it delivers all that it promises.

  • Excellence

    Teknik Alüminyum Excellence Model drives all employees to a dynamic endeavor of ways to exceed objectives in service, products and business conduct. In that endeavor, every milestone achieved is a move to the next leap.

  • Customer Focus

    Teknik Alüminyum conducts all business operations and processes with a firm understanding that every single customer is a business partner and the reason of corporate existence. The business, with all products, services and processes, is thus aligned with a customer focused approach.

  • Innovation

    Teknik Alüminyum’s Management, Production and Service systems, at all levels, closely follow technological developments; and implement these when and where needed. Leading the change and innovation and development in the industry through continuous resource allocation to R&D is in our nature.

  • Team Spirit

    Teknik Alüminyum, with all members from all functional levels, is an inseparable team; united with bonds of affection, respect, understanding, assistance, solidarity and belonging together. This team is gathered around the corporate entity, its objectives and strategies; forming and acting as a big ‘WE’.

  • Focus On Solution & Focus On Result

    Teknik Alüminyum looks at a problem, or a challenge with a positive attitude that brings forward ‘how it can be get it done’ approach; and therefore it is an organization with a high ability to find solutions and achieving results, and a desire to continuously improve this ability.

  • Efficiency

    Teknik Alüminyum prioritizes efficiency, not only for corporate resources but also for natural and national ones; and aims ongoing improvement through measuring its processes, machinery, systems and talents; while nurturing efficiency projects at all levels.


  • Honesty

    Honesty and rightness is our priority in our relationships and business processes with all our stakeholders. We act with the principle of honesty and rightness with our employees and all the relevant environments without compromising any under circumstances. We select all the legal and natural persons and institutions composing the company’s partnership structure in accordance with our business ethics rules. We do not develop partnership relationships with persons or institutions who fail to comply with our business ethics rules.

  • Equality

    The Employer of Teknik Alüminyum provides equal opportunities for its each employee and does not discriminate between employees on the basis of age, race, religion and belief, language, nationality, marital status, political opinion or other features protected legally. This policy shall be implemented under all terms and conditions regarding employment such as recruitment and placement, promotion, termination of the labor contract, call back to work, transfer, vacation payment and training.

    Our employees cannot be discriminated in any way due to their preferences such as being a member of professional organizations and all kinds of legal gatherings including organizations and solidarity. Arrangements including a different procedure cannot be developed.

    Employees cannot be exposed to any practice such as forced labor or being forced to work within the company. Their salaries, vested benefits and any legal rights cannot be seized even temporarily. The identity cards or any document substituting their identity cards of the employees cannot be kept within the company against their will.

    Employees cannot be forced to work out of working hours against their will. All overtime work and their legal rights for leave shall be based on voluntariness.

    Employees cannot be subject to any practice against human rights or personal freedom. Employees cannot be exposed to any time limitation in meeting their personal needs during work. Lunch break and rest breaks are specified in the human resources procedures and are not considered as the said limits.

  • Gift Acceptance and Gift Giving

    The employees of Teknik Alüminyum are forbidden to accept all kinds of benefit and gifts having an economic value or not and affecting (or may affect) their objectivity, performance and decisions during fulfilling their duties.

    However, gifts sent to the employees by the suppliers, clients, sub-employers, establishments etc. that the company is in business relationship (or likely to be) can be accepted in case the gifts are reasonable. Gifts below the half of the gross minimum wage are within this scope. Gifts exceeding this amount are accepted to be submitted to the Department of Administrative Affairs within an official report for the purpose of giving them to the employees through various practices or to be used within the establishment.

  • Our Responsibilities

    In addition to our legal responsibilities, we pay attention to fulfill our responsibilities towards our clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers and business partners and competitors and against the environment, society and people and on behalf of our brand and Teknik Alüminyum.

  • Our Responsibilities towards Our Clients

    We work with a proactive understanding meeting the needs and requests of our clients in the shortest time and in the most correct way taking customer satisfaction as the basis. We provide our services on time and under the promised conditions and approach our clients with respect, honor, fairness, equality and courtesy.

  • Our Responsibilities towards Our Partners

    In line with the aim of creating value for our partners and considering the sustainability of Teknik Alüminyum San. A.Ş.; we avoid taking unnecessary or unmanageable risks and we aim sustainable profitability.

  • Our Responsibilities towards Our Competitors

    We compete only in legal and ethical fields effectively and avoid unfair competition.

  • Our Responsibilities on behalf of 'Teknik Alüminyum'

    Our business partners, clients and other stakeholders trust us due to our professional competence and honesty. We try to keep our reputation at the highest level.

  • Confidentiality

    Information, documents related to the activities subject to the Articles of Association, the name and title of the client company, miscellaneous information and documents regarding the products purchased by the clients, the prices of these products etc., all the written or verbal commercial, financial, technical and conversational information that have been disclosed to the personnel by the client or the employer during the activities identified in the main contracts or that may be learned during work and the processes, ideas, projects, inventions, business, methods and progress related to the business manners and patent, copyrights, brand, trade secret, all kinds of innovations subject to or not subject to legal protection and information learned within the scope of the projects are considered as confidential information.

    As Teknik Alüminyum employees, we pay strict attention to protect the confidential and private information of our clients, personnel, suppliers and all the persons and institutions that we are in relation with. We protect the confidential information regarding the activities of Teknik Alüminyum and use this information only in line with the objectives of our company and share them with the related parties within the limits of the specified powers. To derive any commercial benefit by leaking all kinds of confidential information belonging to Teknik Alüminyum is strictly unacceptable. All kinds of confidential information and document and project regulations etc. that we have been provided with shall not be leaked out when leaving the company.

    Each Teknik Alüminyum employee is obliged to act in accordance with Teknik Alüminyum confidentiality agreement.

  • Prohibition of Employing Child Labor

    Employing children under the age of 18 cannot be considered as equality of opportunity. Children under the age of 18 cannot be employed in any department within Teknik Alüminyum (except intern practices). However, participation of children under the age of 18 in business processes temporarily in order for them to gain knowledge and experience that would support their education and assist in their future jobs can only be possible with the written permission of their parents.

    Apart from all these rules, if any child under the age of 18 is identified within the facility, first of all, the child shall be immediately taken away to a safe zone. A statement shall be written indicating the reason why the child is within the facility and under which conditions and shall be sent to the Occupational Health and Safety Committee (ISG) for the incident to be examined and the necessary arrangements to be made.

    The existence of the child within the facility shall also be examined from the viewpoint of the child. As the social responsibility of the company, the financial reasons are reviewed and a recovery plan including financial and moral support and activities aimed at improving the conditions causing the child to work is prepared by the Human Resources Department and necessary actions are taken if necessary.

  • Conflict of Interest

    As Teknik Alüminyum employees, we aim to keep away from conflict of interest. We do not derive personal benefits from persons and institutions that we are in business relationship by taking advantage of our current jobs. We avoid using the name and power of Teknik Alüminyum and our Teknik Alüminyum identity to derive personal benefits. In case of a potential conflict of interest, if we believe that the benefits of the related parties would be protected safely through legal and ethical methods, we implement these methods. In case of hesitation, we consult with our manager, Human Resources Department or the Disciplinary Board.

  • Our Legal Responsibilities

    We carry out all our activities and procedures in accordance with the Turkish laws and international laws and submit accurate, complete and comprehensible information to the legal regulatory authorities and bodies on time.

  • Our Responsibilities towards Our Employees

    We enable our employees to use their personal rights completely and accurately. We do not share relevant information with third parties except Human Resources employees, Department Manager and legal authorities. We approach all our employees honestly and fairly and promise a safe, healthy work environment with equal opportunities.

  • Our Responsibilities towards Our Suppliers/Business Partners

    As being expected from a good client, we treat them fairly and respectfully and show ultimate attention to fulfill our obligations on time. We protect the confidential information of persons and institutions that we do business attentively.

  • Our Responsibilities towards the Society and People

    Protecting human rights and the environment, training and charity works and removing crime and corruptions is very important for us.


  • Conflict of Interest Policy

    The employees of Teknik Alüminyum shall avoid circumstances that may create conflict of interest. Not using the company resources, the name, identity and power of the company for their personal benefits and avoiding circumstances that may negatively affect the name and image of the establishment is the most important responsibility of the whole employees.

    Codes of Practice

    i. Not to be involved in activities that may create conflict of interest,
    ii. Not to misconduct,
    iii. To use the company’s resources for the purposes of the company and economically,
    iv. Not to establish any private relationship with other persons and/or institutions which the company has a commercial relationship,
    v. To receive the approval of the top management for relations with the media,
    vi. Not to get any payment from the persons/institutions for representing the company.

  • Policy of Protecting Confidential Information

    1. Principles to be complied regarding confidential information are listed below:
    2. Confidential information cannot be disclosed to third parties unless being obligatory to be disclosed in accordance with the Legislation and Official Authorities.
    3. These information cannot be changed, copied and falsified.
    4. Confidential files cannot be taken outside the establishment.
    5. Passwords used for access to company information cannot be disclosed to anyone except the authorized users.
    6. Company’s confidential information cannot be spoken out in public places.
    7. No false statement and /or no rumor can be spread about persons or institutions.
    8. Salaries, vested benefits and similar personnel information which are private information reflecting the company policy is confidential and cannot be disclosed to anyone except authorized persons.

  • Gift Acceptance and Gift Giving Policy

    Codes of Practice

    The employees of the company are forbidden to accept all kinds of benefit and gifts having an economic value or not and affecting (or may affect) their objectivity, performance and decisions during fulfilling their duties.

  • Policy Regarding Creating and Maintaining a Fair Work Environment

    Codes of Practice

    1. The company practices are compatible with all the relevant laws and regulations in effect.
    2. Human Resources enable all the policies and practices to be fair.
    3. Discriminating between the employees within the establishment based on language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar reasons is unacceptable.
    4. Employees with various beliefs, opinions and viewpoints within the company are enabled to work in harmony.
    5. Private lives and personal fields of employees are shown respect.
    6. Physical, sexual and emotional immunity of employees are also protected.
    7. The physical work environment and working conditions are made safe and healthy for the whole employees.

Become A Member Of Teknik Alüminyum Family

Recruitment And Placement

Since our human power is our most valued asset; finding and recruiting talents who share our passion for our excellence culture; in a competitive and equalitarian way is our basic recruitment objective.

Our recruitment approach seeks to find the right talent, for the right assignment. In that regard, we conduct the search in line with the requirements of workforce need within Teknik Alüminyum; featuring specific expertise, skills, training and experience. The recruitment roadmap, though the nature of the job may sometimes require alterations; consists of interviews, skill and personality inventories, tests and tryouts.

Salaries And Fringe Benefits

To ensure that every Teknik Alüminyum employee is provided with a fair salary; we set salary grading policies based on the jobs and positions; and their correlations with factors such as job conditions, responsibilities, effort levels, required skill level, and the effects of the jobs on corporate objectives.

Our salary management is based on fair and competitive corporate policies, with an aim to provide our employees with total incomes that are determined in accordance with current salary levels. In that regard, regular surveys on current salary levels are conducted on a yearly basis.

Our blue collar salaries are determined through collective union agreements.

All Teknik Alüminyum employees are entitled with fringe benefits provided for them.

Yan Haklar

Tüm Çalışanlarımıza Sağlanan Yan Haklar

Kıdem İkramiyesi,
Sosyal Yardımlar; ölüm, doğum ve evlilik yardımı
Öğle Yemeği,
İş Yeri Sağlık servisi,
Personel taşıma hizmetleri

Toplu İş Sözleşmesine Bağlı Çalışanlara Sağlanan Yan Haklar

Erzak, öğrenim, bayram, izin harçlığı, ayakkabı yardımı vb. Ödemeler adına her ay düzenli olarak toplu bir ödeme yapılır. (Her yıl arttırılmak üzere 2016 yılı için aylık net 300,00 TL belirlenmiştir. Yıllık 4 tam maaş ikramiye 12 aya bölünüp her ay ödeme yapılmaktadır.)
Çocuk Yardımı,
Yakacak Yardımı
Gece çalışma ücreti,
Fazla Mesai ücretleri, türüne bakılmaksızın %100 artırımlı olarak ödenmektedir.

Toplu İş Sözleşmesi dışındaki Beyaz Yakalı çalışanlara Sağlanan Yan Haklar

Çalışanlarımız kendilerine sunulan Esnek Yan Hak paketinde yer alan Özel Sağlık Sigortası, Bireysel Emeklilik Planı, Giyim, Gıda, Teknoloji Market Çeklerinden tercih ettiklerini seçerek faydalanmaktadırlar.

Göreve Özel Yan Haklar

Araç Tahsisi
Araç Yakıtı
Cep Telefonu ve Hattı Tahsisi
Özel Sağlık Sigortası (Yönetici ve Üstü Kadrolar)

Yıllık İzin Politikası

Tüm çalışanlara kıdemlerine göre aşağıda belirtilen sürelerde yıllık izin hakkı tanınır.

Kıdem YılıYıllık İzin Günü
1-5 Yıl18 İş Günü
6-15 Yıl22 İş Günü
16 yıl ve üzeri26 İş Günü

Eğitim Yönetim Sistemi

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Kurumumuzun ve çalışanlarımızın eğitim ihtiyaçlarını belirlemek için her türlü olası gelişim alanını sürekli izlemek maksadıyla sistemler kurmaktayız. Kalite Departmanımızın iş sonuçları raporları, yetkinlik ölçüm sonuçları, iş hedefleri sonuçları ve sistematik diğer eğitim ihtiyaç analiz programları ile yıllık olarak gelişim alanlarımızı belirleyerek eğitim planları oluşturmakta ve uygulamaktayız. Ayrıca bilgi beceri matrisleriyle gelişim alanlarını belirlemekte ve takip etmekteyiz.

Standart eğitimler, zorunlu eğitimler, teknik gelişim eğitimleri, yetkinlik/kişisel gelişim eğitimleri ana başlıklar altında kurum içi eğitim, dış eğitim, uzaktan eğitim, rotasyon, tek nokta eğitimi, simülasyon vb. birçok eğitim tekniği kullanarak çalışanlarımızı kurum ihtiyaçları ve geleceğe hazırlamakta aynı zamanda kişisel gelişimlerini destekleyerek çalışanlarımıza ve kurumumuza değer katmaktayız.

İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği

Teknik Alüminyum ve çalışanları olarak, ulusal ve uluslararası yasal mevzuat ve düzenlemelere uyar, sürekli gelişmeyi temel alan bir İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemi dahlinde sağlıklı ve güvenli bir çalışma ortamı yaratırız.

Çalışma ortamında ortaya çıkabilecek sağlık ve güvenlik risklerinin analiz edilerek minimize edilmesi,
İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği bilincinin oluşturulması ve geliştirilmesi için eğitim faaliyetlerinin düzenlenmesi

Sıfır iş kazası ve sıfır meslek hastalığı hedefini benimseyerek, gerekli önlemleri almak suretiyle verimliliğimizin arttırılması yönünde faaliyetlerimizi Kalite ve Çevre Yönetim Sistemleri ile birlikte bütünleşik bir şekilde yönetmekteyiz.

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