Access to information has a new meaning that presents a new dynamic in today’s world; and today’s business environment is redefined by it. In this environment, a company’s ability to prevail depends on its ability to differentiate; and the ability to differentiate depends on the corporate culture.

Our corporate culture is based on;

-Broad-based leadership,

-Inclusive creativity,

-Continuous measurement and improvement,

…and this is what makes us different.

This culture is brought to life by 290 aluminum industry professionals who shape their skills and experiences with discipline and high level energy; as they create new values for Teknik Alüminyum and our stakeholders by excelling in their every day work. Our people, are the soul of our company; and the very source of every success we achieve.

Therefore, the primary objective of all Teknik Alüminyum executives, at all levels, have the duty to sweep away any obstacle that interferes with everyday work; and to support their team members’ ability to improve and lead.

In order to maximize each individual person’s high energy and ability to add value; we re-defined our strengths in technology and competitiveness, as well as our processes in R&D, Production and Trade Operations; with a human & excellency-focused cultural model that represents agility, expertise and functionality.

We call this Teknik Alüminyum Excellence Model: TAM.

The word ‘tam’ means ‘complete’ in Turkish; and it represents our complete dedication to Complete Excellence on four pillars.

TAM for Performance

Aluminum excels as a product for performance, for superior conductivity and ease of workability.

We continuously improve our continuous casting technology platform, for which we are a pioneer in Turkey.

Our agile, flexible and high quality production capabilities enables us to adopt instantaneous changes in the strategic panorama and deliver for dynamic demand changes with a seamless response time.

Thus empowered, we add excelling performance value for our customers’ businesses, through a wide portfolio of high performance aluminum coils, strips and sheets, delivered with seamless advantages to our domestic and international customers.

TAM for Competitiveness

Used for higher performance in industries such as automotive, construction and packaging that represent strategic value for countries and communities; aluminum excels as a product for competitiveness

Our differentiated competitiveness comes from our dedication to create value added solutions for our customers’ ability to compete in their highly competitive environment

We know competitiveness matters to our customers; and to provide them a competitiveness value, Product and Process R&D is of utmost importance to us.

We continuously improve our know-how, our skills and our technology; in order to keep up with our ability to manage variables such as end product quality, market trends, industry dynamics to the benefit of our customers.

TAM for Reliability

Providing advantages in manufacturing for industries that are critical for the world today and tomorrow; being a sustainable and reliable partner is crucial, where trust matters.

Our focus is to be a solution partner of value, where trust matters, to our customers who’s business is about competing in different geographies, in different industries and within today’s highly dynamic economic climate.

To achieve that, we employ a strict process control approach, with defined varaibles for measurement, testing and analyzing in all areas from raw materials to end products. Our approach envisions partnerships with academic and research institutions, to conduct sophisticated tests such as texture analyzes with electron microscopes; if and when the job at hand requires.

Coming out from lines built to highest standards and equipped with latest technologies, the right product is delivered with the right timing and in the right conditions; enhancing our customers’ competitive advantage in the value chain.

We always promise what we can deliver; and what we promise, we always deliver.

TAM for Sustainability

A hundred percent recyclable metal, that is providing environmental and economic values to the humanity, aluminum excels as a product for sustainability.

The Teknik Alüminyum Excellence Model, TAM, puts the priority of creating value for a sustainable economy, environment and society at the center of our company’s strategies for growth through values for the national economy and our stakeholders.

With our principle to support the modern life, which forms our initial priority in everything we do, we acknowledge and own our responsibilities:

  • to be sensitive on the impacts of our production activities on the nature,
  • to ensure the safety and health of our people, and for increasing all stakeholders’ related awareness ,
  • to use the minimum level of resources while leaving the minimum footprint behind

TAM Framework for Sustainability

TAM for Environmental Sustainability

Improving our performance in preserving the environment; within the framework set by the universal codes of environmental sustainability, as well as the laws and regulations; and updating our environment management system towards this goal is our irreplaceable priority.

Providing value for the preservation of the environment; by managing the environmental impact of all our processes is an inseparable part of our corporate culture.

Like in everything that we do, we see ‘people’ as the primary source of value for the environment. We develop strategies to support, promote and enhance the awareness and ability of our extended family; consisting of our co-workers, business partners and their families, to provide values for the environment.

TAM for Economic Sustainability

We believe that investing on ‘people’ is the most important and efficient way to create value for sustainable economy and economic development.

While not compromising from universal principles of legal compliance, transparency, and accountability, our business model is built on nurturing corporate entrepreneurship. This model envisions to replace the conventional hierarchical structures with an environment of corporate camaraderie that generates teammates who enjoy working with and working for, inspiring and being inspired by, creating values with, and for each other.

Investing on our co-workers’ ability to turn their energy, talent, skills and creativity into values for their career, our business and, relatively, for the economy, this model is also the basis of our plans for the future and the growth of our business.

TAM for Society Sustainability

As we build on future on a human base, we believe that value for a sustainable society is only possible by upholding and persevering the human, cultural and communal values; and by relaying these values to next generations.

While we cooperate with local communities, in various geographies where we operate, for the realization of this goal; we keep a continuous focus for the individual development of our employees, who in turn become our ambassadors in the community.

Accordingly, we consider creating a safer, heathier and more enjoyable working environment as an inseparable part of our responsibility and a top priority at creating values to the society.